Please Note! Restrictions on Image Usage


Dear Business Partner


We are continuously providing you with various image material from the films in our distribution. To eliminate any doubt regarding the usage of image material, we hereby take the opportunity to draw attention to the terms of image usage:


  • The supplied image material and logos etc. are ONLY to be used in terms of promotion and dissemination of information and news of the film concerned. Any other usage is expressly prohibited.
  • It is NOT allowed to use the image material in connection with third party products or other kinds of material irrelevant to the film.
  • The photographer must be credited in any use of the image material. The name of the photographer is to be found at the top of the image material box. If no photographer is credited, Nordisk Film shall be credited.
  • In case of any unauthorized use of the image material and/or logos You will be held liable towards Nordisk Film A/S, the producer of the film, the photographer and /or the actors/persons portrayed for all claims and damages resulting from the wrongful usage.


Kind regards,